Kids karate.

Program Overview:

  • Course for 4 12 Year Old Students
  • Courses from White Belt (Beginners) Through Black Belt
  • Emphasis on Physical Fitness & Self Defense
  • Students Learn Self Control & Discipline
  • Promotes Students Confidence & Coordination
  • Teaches Community Service & Leadership
  • Respect for Self and Other is Stressed

Karate is a martial art that teaches children how to protect themselves. At Ultimate Karate Academy, learning karate is designed to be so much more than just self protection. Young boys and girls learn to set big goals for themselves and to see the achievement of those goals in a series of steps each of which is very doable. As they progress in achieving their goals, their confidence soars. They feel a new sense of empowerment in themselves.

Your child will learn respect for himself and others through the challenge of mastering a martial art. Karate can become a way of thinking, of taking pride in ones personal accomplishments. Often these concepts can be seen in their approach to school and other activities.

Childrens Karate classes are designed for young people between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age. Beginning students, those at the lower belt levels, concentrate on developing good self-control and the self-discipline of learning proper basic techniques. Regular belt testing and graduation assist in goal setting and the joy of achievement. The upper belts perfect their technique and earn points towards their Black Belt through leadership and community involvement.

Participants in the Children’s Karate Program must attend both Karate belt classes and kata classes. Both types of classes are taught at one or more times per week as noted in the class schedule.

Our daughter has had great success with Ultimate Karate Academy. Her confidence has soared and it has taught her great discipline, perseverance and technique. It helps that Mr Easter does a great job at overlaying the right amount of firmness and fun with his students. This dojo is just the right size if you want your child to have personal attention vs. getting lost in the shuffle.

Marnie Crane

Ultimate Karate Academy and Mr. Easter has been the absolute best investment for our son who has been attending since he was four. 1 1/2 years. UKA teaches respect, discipline, technique and self defense. My father is a black belt and recently had the privilege of presenting his grandson with his blue belt and was blown away with UKA. Thank you Mr. Easter for giving my son an amazing place to not only learn the art of Karate but a place that teaches him life skills and holds respect of others and yourself as an upmost priority.

Jaimey Honea

UKA Location

Huguenot Trade Center
1137 Alverser Drive
Midlothian, Virginia 23113