Children’s Karate

Your child will learn respect for himself and others through the challenge of mastering a martial art.

Adult Karate/Kickboxing

Adults looking for a great fitness and self defense program will find the Adult Karate Program very rewarding.

UKA Squirrels Baseball Game Night - 6/24

Let's show the Flying Squirrels how UKA supports our local sports. Date: June 24 Time: meet at the Diamond by 5:45pm Tickets $10 per person (parents must attend) Wear your UKA t-shirt Come out and have some fun, do the wave, and catch…

Our Mission

To offer every student an aggressive physical and mental challenge.
To provide the tools and encouragement to meet that challenge.
To instill confidence to our students by teaching the highest quality martial arts.
To provide an exciting and safe facility in which to learn.